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Animal Damage

 Animal Damage

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There are a lot of creatures that lurk around our properties every day, seen and unseen, large and small. While your insurance coverage likely covers some of the damage caused by pets or stray animals, there are countless scenarios in which it does not. Whether it is an incident involving a wild animal, vermin, insects, or even an attack by a pet towards a visitor, the possibilities are endless.

 If you have any of the following concerns, we can expertly represent you in your insurance claim.

  • Am I covered for physical harm by my pet to a person?
  • Am I covered for vandalism by wild animals?
  • What about infestations by mice, bugs, birds or raccoons?
  • We have deer and other large animals in our neighborhood – do we have coverage for potential damage?

The Phoenix Public Adjusters Group represents you – not the insurance company - and consulting us is the first step in processing a successful claim.  With over 20 years of experience, we will ease the burden and stress of your situation. Leave the hard work and fine print to us and maximize your financial award.


If you're unsure about any of these questions

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