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Tuesday, 17 May 2016 17:49

Your Hurricane Checklist for the 2018 Hurricane Season (June 1st-November 30th)

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 Pre-Hurricane Season

            • Prepare an emergency supply kit
            • Clean out gutters and trim trees and shrubs
            • Inspect your roof, siding, foundation and basement to identify areas to be repaired or replaced
            • Create and practice an evacuation plan
            • Reinforce garage doors – if wind blows through the garage, it can cause serious structural damage to other parts of your home
            • Consider replacing gravel or rock landscaping materials with shredded bark, since high hurricane winds could cause rocks to move around and damage your home
            • Prepare a home inventory with photos of your home and personal property

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Before the Storm

                      • Bring lawn furniture, trash cans and toys inside
                      • Cover windows with 5/8-inch plywood that’s cut to fit and ready to install
                      • Fill your gas tank, refill prescriptions and grab extra cash from ATMs
                      • Park your car in a garage or next to a building to protect it from wind and flying debris
                      • Charge your cellphone and other electronics
                      • Fill sinks, tubs and other containers with water for cleaning and washing
                      • If you live in a tall building, find shelter on the 10th floor or lower before the storm strikes

During the Storm

                      • Listen to the radio or TV for information, and turn off utilities if told to do so
                      • Avoid using the phone, except for emergencies
                      • Stay inside, unless you’re told to evacuate
                      • Stay away from windows and exterior doors
                      • Turn off utilities and propane tanks
                      • Keep your emergency kit with you
                      • If you’re told to evacuate, do so immediately

After the Storm

                  • Stay indoors until emergency personnel announce that the area is safe
                  • Make sure your home is safe before returning
                  • Text or use social media to let others know you’re okay
                  • Be on alert for extended rainfall, subsequent flooding and downed power lines and tree limbs
                  • Take photos of damage to your home, cars or other items.
                  • Dry and disinfect all materials in the house to prevent mold and mildew


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